Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bun in the Oven, Preggo, PG, Preggy, With Child, Knocked Up

Those are all terms that gag me.  Seriously, I hate them!  Just tell people that you are pregnant!  Oh, that's my big creative way of telling you that I am.  Pregnant that is!  Yes, I am pregnant - the transfer worked!  It is surreal to be saying it for a second time - I AM PREGNANT!  In all the years of negative pregnancy tests, and infertility, then going through traditional adoption and not needing pregnancy anymore....and now here I am, pregnant again!  I love it!  My home pregnancy test came up really fast, only five days past the transfer so they had me do bloodwork at six days post transfer rather than waiting the traditional nine.  Typically, the dr likes you to be at 50 or higher nine days post to be hopeful, and at six days post transfer I was at 79 :)  Needles to say, we are bracing for twins and happy to be in this position no matter what happens.

When should I announce it to my family?  My side knows but not my husbands.  There is a family wedding on Thanksgiving weekend and both my sister in law's are also pregnant so it would be fun to announce and be pregnant with them for the first and last time ever - BUT - it's the other sister in law's wedding....so that's sort of stealing her thunder right?  And I will only be 7 weeks pregnant then and anything can happen before week 13.  (Or anytime I know, but generally the second trimester is the best time to announce a pregnancy)

I am pregnant!  I am so happy!  Thanks for sharing my journey with me so far!  Is anyone curious to hear about transfer day?  Or is that boring to you?

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  1. Congratulations! I'd like to hear about transfer day.