Monday, August 11, 2014

Ugg... Road Block

I had an appointment last Friday with my RE to make a plan and get things started with my FET.  I was really excited and he had already had me on Lupron shots for the five days before my appointment so things were already moving along.  I got a babysitter and drove the two hours to my dr, and sang my little heart out to the music I liked on the way - remember, I had no kids with me!  You guys, I was so excited to be moving along with this!

But.  See, in infertility land, there always seems to be a "but."  My "but" was this:  I don't have any FDA testing done on the donors of my embryos.  I don't need it!  I know them and know what their personal standards WERE and ARE at the time of creation, before that and even now!  So last time I used them, I signed a paper that said I was willing to "risk it" and all was great.  Last year, a lady from the FDA came in to audit files and mine got flagged BUT I DID'T know that so when I got there on Friday my dr said he still hadn't heard from her to see if I had to do the tests this time or not.  So he took me off the medicine and now we are waiting until the end of this month..... Deflated does not describe it!  I am so antsy and you may come to realize if you stick with me that I am the worlds most impatient person ever.  Seriously, EVER.

My donors are looking into getting some speedy tests done, and my Dr is working on getting permission to move forward without the tests so whatever happens first I guess.  My next appointment is Sep 5, and that seems like so far away!  I know, it sounds spoiled of me but I was already a week into the medicine.

So not how to give yourself a shot tutorials this week, as I am not on any shots, but they will come.  In the meantime, I have two girls pregnant from matches they made on my website,, and another girl going in for a transfer in two weeks!  So many things to be grateful for today!


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