Sunday, August 17, 2014

A(nother) June Birthday

Feeling a little stressed this morning.  Not really stressed, maybe a little bummed out is a better way to put it.  IF (Note, I did say "IF") this transfer works, then it will be a June baby.  There is already SO MUCH going on in June!  I feel like not only will this baby's birthday be less special, it will make the other ones more stressful and a matter of "just making it through to the next one."

Here is the June rundown in my house:
June 4th - Fifeaversary
June 13 - Nephew
June 15- Good friend's birthday
June 14 or -17 sometime - Father's Day
June 17- Husband's Birthday
June 17 - Bestie's Birthday
June 19 - Grandma Birthday
June 24 - Sister's birthday
June 30th - Inlaws Anniversary

Anyway, I know it sounds selfish but as I was laying in bed this morning daydreaming about what it would be like to cram another sweet baby into our king sized bed, these kinds of thoughts occur to me.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to even attempt to have another baby - I really am!  I hope and pray EACH MINUTE that this transfer works!  I would be happy with any birthday, but in a perfect - fertile- world, I would plan the birthday's just a little bit differently......

PS - comment if you are reading this please!  Anything you would like to know or think I should address on here?

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